Sick Supercars: Krasnov Igor And His Muska Concept (2009)

Sick Supercars: Krasnov Igor And His Muska Concept (2009)

krasnov-igor-muska-supercar-concept-rendering-007_100201742_hIn 2009, Russian designer Krasnov Igor designed a Supercar called the Muska. This concept vehicle looks more like some kind of fighter jet than road vehicle. With massive tail pipes and a wicked front end, its more of a Batman Vehicle than a possible road worthy vehicle.

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krasnov-igor-muska-supercar-concept-rendering-005_100201744_hThat front end is so badass, The lines are a mix of Stealth Bomber and Batman’s killer Bat-mobile.

krasnov-igor-muska-supercar-concept-rendering-006_100201743_hLook at those tailpipes…are they pipes? I don’t even know. What I do know is i like it. Dear Mr. Igor, if you ever get this thing made, please let us give it a proper review.


krasnov-igor-muska-supercar-concept-rendering-008_100201741_hKinda looks like the Audi R8 Spyder took some liberties with this outline. Then again, everyone borrows from everyone so we will never know.


krasnov-igor-muska-supercar-concept-rendering-004_100201745_hFeeling the color option on this image. Future Primitive.



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