Pagani Huarya: One of the most beautiful and super fast cars ever built

Menacing, low, sophisticated and lightning fast are but some of the qualities surrounding the Pagani Huayra. Known as one of the world’s most expensive and hyper fast cars, she also made an appearance in the blockbuster film Transformers: Age of Extinction as the human-made robot Stinger. She is beautiful, and seeing one in the wild is unheard of, except by only an elite few.

Her name pays homage to an ancient myth. Huayra’s literal translation is the Peruvian “god of wind.” With the active aerodynamics and carbon fiber body intended to slice through air, the name is fitting. When speaking of “active aerodynamics,” it means that as the car increases in speed, it adjusts strategically placed flaps to help aid in down force. Thus, allowing the wheels to stay planted to the charred pavement below.

Pagani Huarya Transformers

Photo Credit: Road and Track

Launching this car from a dead stop to 60 miles per hour in just 3.2 seconds is a massive V12 engine built by none other than AMG. This high revving motor helps the Huayra reach a top speed of 230 miles per hour – a club of status, with only a few members.

The V12 produces a massive 730 horsepower along with 738 pounds of torque to achieve those astounding numbers. However, the engine by itself is incapable of helping the car reach its goal. The transverse sequential 7-speed transmission helps translate that brute force, into useable power at the wheels.

Having all of that power isn’t a good idea if you can’t corner, stop and be comfortable while you’re doing it. The Huayra inherited its suspension from its tried and true older sister, Zonda R. And, the Brembo 15 inch carbon-ceramic brakes help to bring all of that power to a halt. Finally, some have said that when they buy a million dollar car, it would be nice if the interior also resembled the price point. Huayra doesn’t have that problem, as the cockpit actually looks like it came out of a plane.

Pagani Huarya interior

Photo Credit: Motor Authority

Pagani understands, among other things, that power to weight ratio is one of the most important factors when designing a car meant for speed. As such, the Huarya is made of only the lightest materials available, which accounts for the 3,000 pound dry weight. Every part of the car serves a purpose, and was not chosen by accident.

The Pagani Huarya is one of the fastest and most expensive hyper-cars on the face of the planet. If you wanted to buy one, it would cost you well over 1 million dollars. And, the upkeep on such a car is a good chunk of change too. What a beauty.


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