James Glickenhaus and his Amazing SCG 003S Supercar

a3James Glickenhaus was once a film director making movies that, well frankly… movies that most of us would never have watched. Over the years his interest has shifted into the world of collecting autos and also designing supercars.


The now financier has developed a cutting edge vehicle he calls the S-G-C 003 and it was recently unveiled in real-world road conditions. The front end draws lines that are reminiscent of the Ferrari Enzo but then showcases a rear-end that’s all modern endurance racer. The read wing and top line fin looks like something inspired by a mythical dragon.


Mr. Glickenhaus has big plans for the car and is going to participate in the 24-hour events at the Nürburgring and Spa later this year. His S-G-C 003 will debut to all at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.


Glickenhaus has worked on this concept car since 2013. The end goal being a supercar with real world applications. I mean really though, you’re not going to take this beast to pick up a loaf of bread and run the kids to soccer practice.


The recently revealed and first undisguised photos of the SCG 003S show off a work of art. The front end lines, the fin and the air ducts all compliment the low sleek outline. The engine is another story altogether. The SCG 003C features a mid-mounted Honda Performance Development twin-turbocharged V6 sitting in a detachable rear subframe but can also swap in a twin-turbo W12. Can you say Gnarly?

All Photos: Autoblog




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