Gallery: Abandoned Super Cars

 Dubai Cars

This super car has a 6.0 liter v-12 and can go 0-60 in 3.4 seconds and sells for over 1.6 million dollars new. Well, it used to be able to do that until a rich business man left his Enzo in a parking lot in Dubai for 6 months.

The police have confiscated the neglected Ferrari and sold it auction. It turns out that this is quite a common occurrence in the deserts of Dubai. Apparently rich businessmen fall into debt and leave the country, not wanting to face possible jail time or fines, many have chosen to abandon the trivial things like million dollar cars and possessions.


Photo: Four-pins


Photo: vrzone


Delorean Photo: Speedmonkey


Porsche. Photo: Speedmonkey


Mercedes AMG. Photo: Speedmonkey


Photo: Carbuzz


Saddam Husseins Abandoned collection


Photo: Autoblog

The story goes that Saddam had quite the car collection and after his country was overthrown and he was hung for all to see, photos of soldierswith his cars were shared all over the internet. Whether this is 100% true or not is up for discussion, but the images make for some great conversations around the water-cooler.


Photo: Autoblog


Photo: Autoblog

Koenigsegg Trevita Left in Swiss parking Garage

Koenigsegg Trevita im Opernhaus - Parking 04.11.2012 Foto Daniel Waldmeier

Photo: Drivingca

So somebody who had some money to burn decided to leave his $2 million dollar supercar in a Swiss garage for over a month. Why? Who knows, but it makes us scratch our head.


Photo: Drivingca

Porsche Carrera In Canada

Here we have another fine example of people not giving a second thought to leaving and insanely expensive vehicle in a parking garage completely abandoned. How and why are the questions? I gotta guess at some point, somewhere, some rich guy might have parked his killer car in a garage and actually died. That has to have happened at least once? Maybe?

Abandoned and Restored 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

For years the poor car sat in a field slowly deteriorating. 14 years to be exact. 14 Years of abuse and neglect left the car nearly destroyed until a man named Engelbert Steiger commisioned the Graber Sportgarage in Switzerland to restore the vehicle to its former glory.





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